Turn On The Yum!

Gluten Free Rediscovered



It’s Chef Piper… 

Thru my 14-year struggle with severe gluten intolerance,

I have redesigned  my culinary world, refashioned favorite recipes and

rediscovered my passion for food! 

Food is fun again!

So grab on to your tastebuds…

let’s turn on the Yum!

Struggling With Gluten-Free Menus, Recipes or Cooking?

Have a favorite recipe that you've been sruggling with...?

Gluten Free Thai Chicken Over Black Rice

The Serious Food network will help...

...recreate your family favorites so the whole family will enjoy!
They won't even know it's Gluten-Free just contact me at the Recipe Rescue Link below.
It's usually a simple fix and a quick change up of ingredients that I can pass on. Let me know how I can make your Gluten-Free Life BETTER!

Change Your Gluten Free World

Have a Special Event or Holiday Party...
or Just Want A Jumpstart with Menu Design
and the 101 Of Gluten Free

Addicted to all there is about food!

Chef Piper Fennimore is unable to hold back from sharing the love; with culinary inspirations that will change your world and inspire you to tap into culinary creativity you never knew you had. Approachable recipes, beautifully plated that are sure to grab your tastebuds and make you a star at every meal!

Chef Piper is a Le Cordon Bleu Valedictorian with years of culinary creativity at The Ritz Carlton, a repeat feature Contributor with Chef’s Inspirations in Florida Table Magazine, and has a wealth of experience as both a Restaurant Consultant, and Cookbook Author.

Goto recipes that take the fear out of cooking 

Learn how to let go and cook inspirationally.

Gluten FREE!

Go ahead, play with your food … turn on the YUM!

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