Gluten Free Etiquette 101


The ins and outs of being a Hostess and a Guest this Holiday

According to Emily Post
“As the host it’s up to you to make sure your guests are going to be able to eat what’s being offered, or to make sure there is a plan in place for them to bring a dish that meets their needs.”
As the Sufferer…It is your responsibility to stay vigilant about your consumables…so when in doubt…eat before you go.
so, as the Gluten intolerance can not be erased or reversed…yet…
There is a Genie in the Bottle…
there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…
You can do this
Life can taste great!
your taste buds will smile!!!
there is a deliciousness out there…
and you do have the skills to make it happen.
So, Let’s do this!

Gluten Free Etiquette 101


As the Hostess, be sure to check with your guest for food allergies.
Make arrangements to make or buy a safe option.
If you are in doubt of your abilities to be successful, tell the guest and work on a solution together for the guest to bring safe options.
when in doubt …make a salad…as an option.
Be sure to check the ingredients in the salad dressing for hidden gluten …or better yet make it fresh.
Cross contamination is the big culprit with a mixed social event.
So, as a rule, let the Gluten free person go first on the buffet line to avoid using a spoon or other serving utensil that has accidentally been dipped in another dish.
Never guilt the guest into eating what you have made even if it is gluten free.
Their intolerance may be severe and the slightest cross contamination will result in harm.
Allow them to gracefully decline.
It’s difficult enough to be cursed with this condition.
It is equally difficult to be put in an awkward position of possibly poisoning yourself.
As the Gluten Free Individual you have options:
For Social Events, If in doubt about the safety of the food, gracefully decline.
Really appreciate the thought of your host going above and beyond but encourage them to please don’t, Best to just let them know up front…
Take the precaution to eat before you go,
offer to bring a dish to share,
or bring supplies for snacking.
It is only one meal, Be graceful and make the best of it.
Definitely don’t be angry at your host for not providing for you.
It is your responsibility to be diligent about your consumables.
Always remember, food is your medicine, eat gluten free and organic.