Serious Delish, Gluten Free Life Just Got Better – SIGNED Hardcover


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Fear Not!!!

Cakes will not collaspe. Chicken will not be undercooked. Cheese WILL melt. I’m your guide to outwitting these and a whole slew of other culinary travesties. Be a star in the kitchen. Dazzle your in-laws, show-stop on holidays and casually impress your circle of friends. Grab your taste buds and let’s GO! Approachable recipes, beautifully plated that take the fear out of cooking. Learn to let go and cook inspirationally … turn on the YUM!

Inspired classics paint the pages. Sprinkled throughout, find hints and how-to’s to make the flavors your own. Along with fun and unusual ways to use what you have created in ways you never thought of. Pumpkin Bread as a savory sandwich!?! Serious YUM! You’ll want to make batches of this bread for friends, family and freezer!

For those of you just discovering the incredible world of cooking … follow my lead while I encourage exploration thru a simple approach to cooking; instilling confidence and creativity while taking the fear out of cooking.

Go ahead…play with your food!

Addicted to all there is about food!

Chef Piper is a Le Cordon Bleu Valedictorian with Years of culinary creativity at The Ritz Carlton, A repeat cover feature writer, with Chef’s Inspirations, in Florida Table Magazine, years of experience as a restaurant consultant, culinary instructor, host of “The Serious Food Network” and NOW, cookbook author.

Honing her skills since the early age of 7, with her personal cookbook library that rivals that of the Library of Congress. Chef Piper is unable to hold back from sharing her culinary love with inspirations that will change your world and inspire you to tap into culinary creativity you never knew you had. ALL Gluten Free!

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