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15 Gluten Free Snack Ideas That Will Make Your Tastebuds Smile


So snacks are the number one requested GF food to help stave off hunger between meals. Satisfying, fill your gut, low maintenance Gluten free snacks that don’t make you a slave to your kitchen.

Help is here!

1. Hummus with veggies and GF crackers Be adventurous with new flavors sabra, tribe, fantastic foods and athenos brands for pre-made are great…carrots, zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes any veg you like, do all the veg prep in advance and store cut veg in water filled containers in the fridge, except tomatoes.

2. Lettuce wraps – with tuna, chicken, or tofu salad and veggies serve with a gf dressing homemade or store bought. with tuna, chicken, or tofu salad and veggies serve with a gf dressing homemade or store bought. Hidden valley, maple grove farms, marzetti’s, organicville, and others make GF versions of their dressings, check the labels or just make your own at the beginning of the week. Side note: dressing can be used as marinades for meats… a quick fix for adding great flavor to grill, pan or oven roasting!

3. Cheese, olives and GF crackers – just have some on hand. it’s a quick protein fix with a crunch

4. Chex mix Make your own, there are lots of recipes out there. lots of recipes out there I like

5. Nuts Plain, roasted or seasoned check out , blue diamond, fisher nuts and many more…read the labels not all products within a brand is gluten free.

6. Cut Fruit Seasonal Favorites Melon, apples, pineapple, oranges, bananas, Kiwi, papaya, Dates & other dried fruits any fruit you like either fresh or dried and make a mixed plate of fruits, nuts, cheese and crackers as a quick snack.

7. Cottage cheese or yogurt with honey and fruit topped with granola or nuts

8. GF Protein shake Muscle milk, Click espresso protein shake, Vega one plant based protein shake, garden of life raw organic meal, and more…

9. Quick roll ups using home made GF tortillas or store bought fill with nut butter and fruit, meats and cheese, cream cheese and jelly, nut butter and bananas, eggs, cheese and veggie sauce, hummus, veggies and cheese, leftovers of any kind.

10. Popcorn the popcorn factory has some gluten free options…or make your own I love adding parmesan, rosemary and truffle oil to just popped popcorn, finish with a bit of salt and pepper for a savory option…if you like sweet, toss with cinnamon and sugar or a drizzle of gf white and dark chocolate and nuts…lots of fun options.

11. Cassava Chips and dip lots of options and sooooo yummy! add fruit, veggies with pesto, hummus and boursin cheese and you have an amazing snack…

12. Avocado smoothies Ice, ripe avocado and honey to taste…Blend…The simplest smoothie out there. Or make it a little more fun with a simple mix of avocado, ice, honey and your favorite fruit…I like mango, blueberry, dragon fruit or just plain avocado is fantastic…add enough honey to just add a bit of sweet you can add protein powder if you like to boost the nutrition and enjoy!

13. Protein bars Gomacro, Luna, Kind, Quest.

14.Dried Fruit or Fruit bars my favorite is the That’s All Bars. Just fruit and only fruit a great take along for a quick fix.

15. Roasted Chickpeas Tossed in olive oil and your favorite spice mix Drain a can of chickpeas and toss them with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, salt and pepper to taste and a favorite spice mix. I like cajun seasoning, tandoori spice or wasabi for a fun snack. After coating with oil and spices…put the chickpea mixture on a parchment lined sheet tray and back at 400* for 30-45 minutes checking every 15 minutes to stir and to check for doneness…Chickpeas are done when they are toasted and dry. store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Read labels on everything you buy even if you buy it regularly…manufactures update recipes all the time…

Hydrate between meals lots of times its really thirst we are craving disguised and hunger… Get in lots of liquids… water green tea herbal teas…

… Gluten Free life Just Got Better!